Custom Protein Services

Our Custom Protein Service offers life scientists the opportunity of 'doing it in plants'.  Plant based expression allows us to quickly and economically produce proof-of-concept trials from microgram to gram quantities.  Scientists need only complete our custom service form. All we need is the genetic sequence of the protein you would have made and some information on the intended downstream application of the protein.  Choose from a range of tags (His, Fc, GST, c-myc, etc) or fusion proteins (HRP, eGFP, dsRed etc). Decide on your custom amount you would like purified and we will only charge you if we are successful in expression. 

Don’t just design your experiments, design your reagents too. Design your world.

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Please note that we do not produce antibodies de novo, we require the genetic sequence of the protein to transfect our plants. We do not immunize animals.